Lead Sheet Coating

Lead sheets in terms of the physical properties of the strength is strong, usually X-rays or sound waves is a kind of material used to prevent.

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Nuclear medicine units and installation

Installation of nuclear medicine units, taek process for the preparation and approval of the project according to the standards of the submission upon request by our company are made.

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Radiology Rooms-Plated

Radiology Rooms, Coating, plate coating 2mm pb Lead standards TAEK

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Ed expert with more than 10 years experience with lead engineers and technical staff to meet the demands of the highest level medical institutions birth, lead with creative and flexible solutions, demonstrate success in the areas of medical and hospital construction and renovation. Lead sheets and products, related material, installation, such as applying for the license provides all the operations in their departments.

European and American companies that have ed for years of birth as an Investment Trust Company "know-how" previously established manufacturing units, with manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales services with European standards conducts.

  • Lead bricks , Lead products, is among structure as metal, and can be changed while processed and used in a good way. The bullet has many usage areas, and these areas are being made with lead bricks that are in one of the private rooms. More >>
  • Leaded glass X-ray lead glass to protect them from benefiting from which is manufactured specifically for the models in case of Radiation Problems, you will see that it is possible to be protected in a good way. More >>
  • The bullet Shell in front of the bullet has a structure which is known to have a wide application area. Generally a length of 95 cm with a width of 195 cm screens with standard criteria with having known. More >>
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